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Hello mankind...

This website is build to create awareness about how we treat our planet and each other and to give an insight that we can do better.
If we work together we can create a living environment in which well being of all mankind and our planet comes first.
Learning to look critically at our actions can lead to new and fresh ideas and solutions.
Through this hellomankind-network we can combine our social skills, the technological posibilities and our creativity and use it in our own advantage.

If you feel a connection to the content of this site we invite you to join us and share this content with others.
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Hallo mensheid over ons Create together, live together The good news is that we have a choice to act different and be better person, every day. In search for new way's of communicating, we create possibilities for everyone to get involved and build a new economy which is all about our and our planets wellbeing.
There are no ready-made solutions.
Together we have to do and think, that is my firm opinion.

I have the feeling that we, as mankind, took a wrong turn and we chose for wealth. We are misled by the growth-economy, we expect short term profits and created a system that regulated everything. This made us lazy and it did not make us much happier.

My dream is a community of people who understand that change starts within yourself, within ourselves. We can not leave all important decisions up to our governments or businesses. I think we are needed to make it clear that we want a to change the priority from wealth to wellbeing. With the main goal an equal society and the best possible living conditions for the generations to come.

Let's make small steps and work together. Let's be a good example!

Join us.

Pieter Hessel

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there is no alternative
exploring new paths
our living environment is a vulnerable ecosystem
compassion & trust

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Motto's for the
living environment
In life we seek something to hold on, like slogan's or quote's from people.
What is your motto or slogan?
Let us share a few of the same motto's to make out lives easier.
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With the best
We are all familiar with the 'internationals human rights'.
Imagine that we could live with a simple set off responsibilities.
How would our world look like?
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that's logical
We are all brought up and educated with debating and discussions. It is about who is right and who is wrong, and the truth often lies in the middle. But what if make more time to listen and see to the other? read more

Hello mankind on the move On the move together

It is time that we see the world in another perspective. Let's start acting in the name of equality and equivalence.Let's start involving others and lead them and show them new possibility's and roads. Let's move together to a new living environment and a new economy.

Everyone is good at something that makes us equal. What we are good at that makes us different. That is why we can complement and complete each other to create a world where everyone fits in.

What can your contribution be to 'hello mankind...' ?
Your help and contribution is welcome so join in!

I'm joining in

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